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Do Elinga para o Mundo Conjunto Angola 70/ From Elinga to the World Angola70 Set

Teddy N’Singui | lead guitar | Dulce Trindade | rhythm guitar | Boto Trindade | lead guitar | Raúl Tollingas | dikanza & voz | Gregório Mulato | mukindo & voz | Chico Monte Negro | timbales & voz | Carlitos Timoteo | bass guitar | Joãozinho Morgado | congas.
·         26/10            Club Global Kopenhagen (Dinamarca)
·         31/10            Theater Oosterpoort Groningen (Holanda)
·         02/11            Doornroosje Nijmegen (Holanda)
·         04/11            Zuiderpershuis Antwerpen (Belgica)                                      
·         05/11            RASA Utrecht (Holanda)                                  
·         06/11            Tropentheater Amsterdam (Holanda)

A cidade de Copenhaga, capital da Dinamarca, foi o primeiro palco da tournée que está a ser realizada pelo “Conjunto Angola 70” na Europa. Quarta-feira última, 26 de Outubro, os músicos que integram o projecto co-produzido pela Mano a Mano Produções (de Angola) e a Analog Africa (da Alemanha) deram um verdadeiro show no Club Global, nesta cidade, para mais de duzentas pessoas, entre os quais promotores de música de quase todo mundo que foram convidados a assistir, ao vivo, um espectáculo que reúne artistas e canções da chamada Geração de Ouro de Angola... PRESS-REALESE COMPLETO EM ANEXO.

 From Elinga to the World Angola70 Set 

The city of Copenhagen, Denmark's capital, was the first stage of the tour that is being done by the
 "Angola Set 70" in Europe. Wednesday last, 26th October, the musicians who make up the project co-produced by Mano a Mano Productions (Angola) and Analog Africa (Germany) gave a real show in Global Club in this city for over  two hundred people , including promoters of music that almost everyone was invited to attend live, a show that brings together artists and songs called Golden Generation of Angola.

For nearly two hours, the band, led by Trinidad and Botto Nsingue Teddy on guitar solo,
 supported by Trinity Dúlcio on rhythm guitar, Charles Timothy (Calili) on bass guitar, Johnny Morgado in the tombs, Raul tolling in dikanza, Chico Montenegro on congas Gregory and the Mulatto mukindo (knock-knock), was up to the expectations created by the organization that took the head with the RASA Music & Dance, a respected promoter of shows in Holland. Playing songs like "Take shoe" Zimba of Angola, "Train" The Kiez, "Fatimita" Urbano de Castro, "Lemba" Negoleiros of Rhythm, "Mabel" Oscar Neves, "Farra at dawn" Young Secure and others, "Angola set 70 "took the gifts to delight the sound of Semba, Kazukuta, Angolan merengue and the rumba. The group now heads to the Netherlands to other concerts in the cities of Groningen (October 31), Nijmegen (on 02 November), Utrecht (05th of November) and Amsterdam (06 days). In the midst of these shows, he left for Belgium, where he will work 04 days in the capital, Antwerp. The return is scheduled for Angola on 08 November.

The aim of the project "Angola Set 70" according to producers Otiniel da Silva, Mano a Mano Productions, and Samy Ben Redjeb, Analog Africa, is to make known to the world the music of the era that marked the turning point in the history of Angola, between 60 and 70 (before and after independence),  selling the product to the largest international producers and promoters of shows that our culture to get the space it deserves
 in global cultural scene ..
At the end of the concert at the Copenhagen Global Club, the band and the producers received the proposals for the project to be presented in such countries as Australia, South Korea, USA and others.
It should be noted that the group made ​​its first and only performance in Luanda in May this year in Elinga Theatre, within a day  of commemorative activities Africa, the event "Africadelic" Living Legends in Concert, a co-production between the Mano Mano and the German Cultural Institute (Goethe Institut).
  The movement of the "Angola Set 70" for Europe has the support of Angolan companies and Sonangol, ENSA and TAAG, apart from  Germany and the Netherlands Embassy in Luanda, as well as the Goethe Institute (German Cultural Institute) and UNAC.
More information on the websites: and, or via email | 923 82 46 18

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